Our "Operation Muffin Top" Paleo Boot Camp Challenge is about life transformation through education, nutrition, and fitness. Whether you are just beginning the journey for better health, or an elite athlete looking to take your fitness to the next level, you owe it to yourself to take this challenge. No more excuses and no regrets - improve yourself, impact the world around you, and win some serious prizes!

 With O.M.T there are TWO ways to win. Not only do we award a cash prize ($200-$500) to the participant who loses the highest percentage of their starting weight but we also award a prize to the participant who racks up the most points throughout the competition based on the following point system:

    • Attend a group class or private training: 10 points
    • Submit a DAILY food journal for review: 10 points
    • Before and After pictures: 15 points
    • Submit a video testimonial: 20 points



Carozza Fitness has organized Operation Muffin Top Since 2008 with grand prizes totaling $85,000!
The Challenge is open to all local residents in the Tri-State area and runs for 10 weeks every Spring and Fall.  Grand prizes will be split into two categories:
1. The person that accumulates the most number of "Fitness Points": $100-$250
2. The person that loses the highest percentage of their starting weight: $100-$250


The OMT Paleo Bootcamp Challenge features a balanced scoring system that rewards people of all experience levels and abilities. From the fire breathing competitor to the beginner, everyone has a shot at the crown! With the help of an extremely supportive environment, you'll be provided everything you need for success: motivation, accountability, education, competition, and structure. We will record and track your performance in your personal profile so you can clearly see how you are really doing. You will receive exclusive access to articles, tips, and advice from our Nutritional Expert and Life Coaches. Throughout the 8-10 weeks, you'll be inspired, challenged and held accountable for your all of your efforts by your trainers and peers. Finally, the competitive atmosphere and knowledge that you are making a positive change in your life should help give you the strength needed to complete the Challenge and attain your goals.


  • Detailed diet and grocery List
  • Exclusive nutritional advice, educational articles, and tips from our nutritional coaches
  • The tools, motivation, structure, and competitive environment to help you make life changes
  • The chance to claim your share in cash prizes.


Pricing: $150

Optional Nutrition Coach: $50

***Sign-up today by emailing info@carozzafitness.com***


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