Walking back to CFSB in October was one of the hardest things I have done but if it was not for Mike constantly being a good friend would I have taken the guts to contact him – I remember his words Great!! 


Knowing that I was walking back into a  wonderful environment were the trainers were knowledgeable and encouraging meant everything to me, I quickly embraced all of that CFSB had to offer, including OMT. 


During the 8 weeks of OMT, I was thrilled to have Coach Danielle as my nutrition coach she thought me how to balance my veggies and protein intake! I had a tendency to protein but I did learn all about balancing the ratios – thanks to her.  Meal Prep became easier and fun.  Danielle was always supportive and would always answer my questions, having Bridget as my OMT partner, we would plan and schedule our workouts and class times in advance, and also scheduled training sessions with the other trainers, whose tips really paid off even if it was a cold 5AM morning in February.  After my 8 weeks of OMT I felt great, this was my fitness journey, I do crossfit for me! For the first time in a long time I was feel strong, capable and healthy! OMT was a huge eye-opener for me and I would recommend anyone to do it! 


My hardest moment was not being around at the end of OMT for final weigh in and measurements as I was overseas (poor planning on my behalf) but I feel great I am looking forward to the Spring at CFSB, I appreciate all the tips and inspiration you provide daily!  




Hi Mike, thanks again:

"I lost 20 pounds in 2 months! Unlike a 'normal' gym experience CFSB offers a broad array of different WODs lead by excellent instructors who make it interesting and fun. CFSB is an easy habit to pick up and stick to, and the WODs are extremely effective! Many thanks to Mike for creating a great CF experience with terrific instructors (Doug, Dan and Ninja (Mike) including a persistent diet coach (Danielle)."


While discovering Carozza Fitness was a new beginning for me, OMT was the Paleo version of “icing on the cake”…I always thought I lived a pretty healthy lifestyle previous to OMT, now I can tell you I had no idea what I was thinking!  I guarantee most people are like me, going along thinking they are doing great and KNOW what needs to be done, but wondering why nothing is changing…yet continue to follow the same pattern.  OMT taught me how off the mark I was and how much there is to learn and do to make a change.  I was way off , early morning runner, late night lifter…eating what I thought was right all week, then party and eat on the weekend, because after all “I earned it”…Breakfast during the week was coffee and skim milk, lunch a tuna pouch and cherry tomatoes and dinner some lettuce and protein…I would work with that small amount of fuel all week, and NEVER would I dare eat a sweet potato, so bad, big giant carb…but on the weekend, anything goes, especially pizza…yet during the week the poor sweet potato was the enemy…funny how you rationalize your food choices!  Guess what, I always hit a wall, I was tired an often cranky from it.  I thought about Paleo in the past, but I couldn’t give up skim milk for my coffee or yogurt, but why should I, I was making other sacrifices…so I part-time Paleo’d (more rationalizing right?), and again, not on the weekends…and still no change…Let me tell you something, if it weren’t for OMT this would still be going on!  All of you know how this works and all of you know this is the way a lot of people think and how ridiculous it seems now that you see it on paper.  OMT = Commitment,  it is 8 weeks to not rationalize excuse or cheat yourself out of a lifetime of change.  The workouts alone were a complete overhaul of my way of thinking a workout should be…one hour in Just Results or CrossFit far outweighed the feeling of gratification from a morning run and evening lifting session at the old school facility!  8 little weeks, not to get through it and head back to the trough LOL, 8 weeks to reprogram, reset and the ONRAMP to a better fitter lifestyle…it’s a chance to get it right.  We have been handed advice that people would pay endless amounts of money for, we are supported and encouraged on the daily, and we are now all held to a higher standard that I am grateful for!


Mike, Thanks so much for welcoming me into your home and always encouraging me along the way!  There is not staff or other member that uses the word CAN’T at Carozza Fitness, you all lead by example…Thank you for all that you do!!!  Doug, I can’t even tell  you how psyched I am every time I accomplish or improve on something…You have no idea what you can do until someone does not allow you to say you “can’t” …Thanks for not letting me baby myself and always letting me know I can!  Everyone should take the time to train privately if possible in addition to the classes, it’s such a valuable hour to spend.  Danielle, Wow!!! Did I know absolutely ZERO about eating properly when you train.  I am no longer tired and grumpy!!!   You made me eat more than I wanted to during the week, I actually thought I would puke, but my muscles and strength are coming back and I have energy and I am so happy!  I don’t even want to eat crap on the weekend, I want to wake up Saturday morning ready for StrongMan!!!!  Thank all of you for working so tirelessly to get the rest of us to a better lifestyle, and giving us the “You got this!!” attitude!!! Love you guys!!!


I am so glad I decided to sign up for OMT! My main goal was to stop eating so much processed sugar and I needed something to hold me accountable.  The first few days of OMT I experienced the most horrific headaches – obviously from sugar withdrawal! How scary is that?  Throughout the 8 weeks, Mike’s nutritional advice was always candid but supportive, the coaching was consistently exceptional, and my super-fit OMT partner kept me moving fast during our weekly challenges!  After 8 weeks, not only have I kicked the processed sugar habit but my performance has skyrocketed:  I achieved over 10 PRs and finally, FINALLY, started doing double-unders.  Coincidence?  You decide.   


2015 Partner OMT- I  am so happy I signed up to partner with Stacey Zanoni for OMT 2015. What a team we were. We both wanted to get fitter and stronger. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it but I knew it was time for me to get over my non related gym injuries which I had for a year and get over it. It was time for me to get back to where I use to be when I first started at Carozza Fitness. So I decided,  got excited and called Stacey and said let's do this! Our coach was Danielle which I was so happy because she understood me even though I am much older than her.  I was really hoping when I was in her classes she wouldn't notice what I was lifting (you all know me) or what band I was using but she did. She would look at me , smile and say you know what you can do, c'mon and then I would change my weights, grab a heavier kettle bell and even change to the red band for pull ups. If it wasn't for her I still wouldn't be able to do a unassisted pull up. Now I can say I can do at least 3 pull ups with no band. Danielle helped me so much balancing my nutrition. I always ate protein but I had to learn to balance my fats and carbs. She would even ask if I was afraid to eat vegetables- the nerve of her. I always eat vegetable but my portions are small. I wasn't always happy with what she had to tell me but I listened and took her advice. There were days I didn't like her but I got over it. Still went to her class and did what I had to do.  I had to remind myself she was helping me achieve my goal. Which I did!! Thank you Danielle  - I love you and please continue to push me in my WOD's and making me aware of what I can do and correcting my form. I know when you do this it means you care about me. You are a wonderful, knowledgable coach- Thank You. You have taught me so much these past 8 weeks. 

Stacey  - thank you for partnering with me . We both had lots of determination, support for each other sweat, fun and laughs together. It helped a lot!!  :) <3 Maryann


When I started OMT I wasn't sure how much I would really learn that I didn't know already when it comes to eating quality and nutritious foods. Due to food allergies and personal concern for healthy eating, I already followed an almost 100% paleo diet. Working in oncology has also exposed me to numerous nutritionists and views on diets free of gluten, soy, GMO products and of course, sugar. Yet despite all that, there was still room for major improvement and OMT really helped to fill that last piece of the puzzle. Being more conscious of my ratios and macronutrients really helped to shift my proportions and add more vegetables into my diet while also lowering my fruit intake. I am really thankful to have coaches who can support and motivate me to continually push myself to be better, both inside and outside of the gym. I'm still a work in progress, but it wouldn't be worth it if it was easy!


OMT fall 2014, what does it mean to me and what do I take away from this 8 week experience...determination, healthy habits, knowledge, honesty, accountability, better nutritional choices, new friends, a stronger me, inside and out!  

Okay, so I'm not a rookie at OMT,  in fact, I've had a few code names. Every past OMT has been a learning experience and I took something from each one but what makes this one stand out is that I stuck with it for the entire 8 weeks and I reached my pre OMT goal. I train with Mike and before fall OMT I would often come into our sessions saying, I feel like crap because I ate this and that and my performance during our hour session was a direct reflection of how I was taking care of body. It would upset me because I knew better. I would go on and on with Mike about what I needed to do and he'd patiently listen to the end and after I stopped talking about all my excuses, he'd say, well,  you know what you need to do. 

Going into this OMT, I had the mindset of, I know what I need to do and pretty much stuck with it the entire 8 weeks. With the guidance of Teresa Fellows, training with Mike, hitting Dougie's class, adding extra challenges outside of class, being accountable for what I feed my body, feeding off a supportive and encouraging community at CF, eight weeks went by pretty fast. It was doable! I had results! I felt better, my performance improved, I wasn't bloated, I had more energy and darn it, I just felt great!!

Would I do OMT again one might ask. Damn right I would!! There is always something new to learn. I often tell Mike, where else can you find an opportunity 2 to 3 times a year to get your mind right and your nutrition under control in the midst of people that have the same desire to want to succeed and lead a healthier lifestyle.  Just can't find that in a lot of places. 

OMT works! But you have to WANT IT, A LOT and your Desire has to be Immense and your Will,  Strong! I'd have to say that is what I take most from my fall 2014 OMT experience. It not only applies to my fitness routine but in my everyday life. 

Thank you Mike, Teresa, Doug and all of my CF family for always helping me grow and keeping the passion burning! 


I started training with Mike 15 years ago.  I joined the NY Sports Club in 1999 and he was the trainer, fresh out of college, who was assigned to me for my one free session.  I felt so good after, that I signed up for 10 sessions.  From then on there was no looking back.  For the first time in my long unsuccessful history with gyms, I found that I actually went to the gym several times a week and trained once a week with Mike. He motivated me. Even then, 15 years ago, the exercise routines were very Crossfit like, and I think that he was the only trainer at that gym who was doing them. As Mike moved out on his own and bootstrapped his business to bigger and better, I followed and continued to train with him.  More recently, after Mike brought in more trainers, and they started Crossfit training classes, I became a member and have been taking classes with several of them and found that they are all excellent - knowledgeable, motivating, and have a deep understanding of exercise and fitness. As a case in point, several years ago I was told that my knees were problematic because I had no cartilage to cushion the joints.  I was also told not to lift heavy weights or to do crazy exercises like squats and lunges.  When I told Mike that, he was very puzzled and explained to me why he thought that the doctor was wrong and he advised me to do squats to help build my leg muscles and help my knees.  This advice was reiterated by Doug and the other trainers, and under their guidance, and doing not just squats, I have since strengthened my legs so that now I can manage my knees. This allows me to continue my active lifestyle, activities that I live for - hiking, biking, gardening and tennis. 

While OMT has been around for several years, I did not participate until this year, Fall 2014. I was of the belief that I could lose weight/fat on my own and that no competition could do it if I could not do it on my own.  Well, I was WRONG!! Yes, I have lost weight in the past and have managed to maintain my weight with some fluctuation over the years. BUT, and it’s a big but; I have never lost my belly fat.  The Muffin Top has been alive and well for many years. Also, I was afraid to be on the Paleo diet.  I don’t have the discipline to plan meals in advance and I hate to restrict foods that I like.  In my view, I have always eaten fairly healthy foods and have restricted my sugar intake. 

To show you how wrong I was, when I sent my first week food diary to Mike, he was shocked at my sugar intake.  I was the ‘Sugar Monster’!. No matter that I was getting sugar mostly from fruits and vegetable, and some from the honey that I put in my tea - “sugar is sugar” is what Mike said. While I was able to avoid grains, dairy and legumes, my biggest struggle was keeping the (natural) sugar down while maintaining carb levels and keeping proteins high while maintaining a reasonable level of fat.  Keeping a nutrition diary was  a HUGE help.  It helped me analyze and monitor my food intake closely and forced me to PLAN my meals. I think that at the end of the 8 weeks, I am a lot more comfortable about what I need to do and how I need to eat.

The exercise aspect of OMT was a lot easier to adapt to and turned out to be really good for me.  In order to win more points, I made an extra effort to come to class everyday. While the trainers work us hard, they keep a close eye and go to great lengths to ensure that we keep our form and avoid injury. I have been very surprised to find that when I wake up every morning I don't feel as stiff and sore as I used to when I exercised 4 - 5 days a week.  My various joint issues seem to be under control too. I also think that the combination of exercise and a balanced nutrition has made me stronger. 

I am happy to report that as the Fall 2014 OMT is coming to a close, in 8 weeks I have lost more body weight as well as inches around my waist than my stated goals.  




I thought I was in decent shape before I started Crossfit.  I belonged to another gym and I took weightlifting, kick boxing, and TRX classes there 4-5 times per week for years. It was helpful in losing the bulk of the weight I gained with each of my pregnancies, but at some point early on, I plateaued and could not seem to get below a certain weight. Then in August my younger brother unexpectedly died, and my life became very stressful. I kept going to the gym, but I was depressed and started eating and drinking to excess. Soon more weight started to creep back on, and I knew I had to make a change. When my friend suggested that I go with her to CFSB, I decided to give it a go. Turns out, I really liked it! It was challenging, but completely doable and the results were quickly noticeable. I decided to do OMT to push myself to get off that damn plateau and lose those last 15 lbs of baby weight. I am happy to say that I have almost accomplished that goal! I began losing weight just by doing CF alone for a month, but when I started  OMT and began following the Paleo plan, the weight really started coming off. Paleo is surprisingly easy to follow, and my husband even enjoys many of the dinners I prepare. I have learned to always carry a water bottle and to keep little bags of nuts everywhere - especially in my car and in my purse. Preparation is definitely the key to success with the Paleo lifestyle!  As far as the exercise goes, I love it! I am doing things I never thought I could - handstands, rope climbing - and eventually I hope to do a pull-up without a band. I love that we do something different every day, but that there is a definite method to the madness. Although I haven't lost a ton of weight, my body has completely transformed - I am leaner, stronger and faster. I even shaved off over three minutes from my 5k time! My friends and family keep telling me how great I look and want to know what I have been doing.  I keep giving all the credit to CFSB and the fabulous team there - especially Doug, Mike and Danielle with whom I work the most.  The past few weeks the gym has truly been my happy place, not only bc it raised me out of my depression and gave me something positive to focus my energy upon, but also because the people there - trainers and members alike - are so nice and supportive. Of course, getting fabulous results doesn't hurt either! If becoming a CrossFit addict is as my husband says "my mid-life crisis," I can think of no better or healthier addiction to have! In conclusion, I would like to say a big thanks to everyone at CFSB and I look forward to being a member for many years to come!

Lauren R

I started Crossfit about 4 months prior to OMT, but was only going twice a week; which many times turned into once a week.  I didn't feel as though I was getting the strength or weight loss results, but lacked the motivation to do better on my own.  Thank God for OMT.  It was the motivation and SUPPORT that I needed.  I learned SO much from the personal training sessions (thanks Carl, Doug and Danielle) and also just as important how to "eat clean" (thanks Teresa).  I feel and look better than I have in years,  This will be a lifestyle for me!!



Three years ago, I came into Carozza for the first time to start preparing for OMT! Unfortunately, I broke my foot so I could not really join in for classes. Doug calmly accomodated me while I was in a cast, a boot and in a wheel chair for a year and a half. After that foot problem, the next two years were about travel,stress, business dinners and every excuse of why I kept gaining weight and not focussing on getting in shape. Since I live in two cities, I thought I just could not find the time to make real changes. I almost gave up. After seeing a photo from the summer, I decided I would give OMT another try. Mike allowed me to train in two cities: Philadelphia with a crossfit trainer during the week and I trained with Doug on the weekend. The two trainers worked together insuring that my training was balanced. I surprised myself that I could do Paleo AND go out on business dinners, travel and still lose weight! Every city I travelled to, I found Crossfit gyms.. LA and even in Auburn, Alabama. What a great experience to finally prove to myself that I can live my crazy life and still eat healthy and with strong planning work out 6x a week! I am stronger and feel better than I have in 10 years!


Thanks to Doug for never giving up on me and pushing me when I did not believe I could do it myself.


Almost at the end of my first OMT ( yes , I am already to committed to the next one ) , I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed the past 9 weeks. I was already a Crossfit convert , and have been steadily improving my fitness level over the past year ( which was appalling when I first started at Carozza fitness ) to the point where I am able to tackle many things that I never thought I would have the ability or courage to do.  The Paleo diet has made me think so much about what awful eating habits I have had for years , I enjoy the clean eating, and I want to carry it on at least in a 85/15 % way as I move forward. Teresa Fellow's nutrition classes have been invaluable to actually understand some of the Food science which I am ashamed to say I really didnt understand well at all ! She has tons of patience and is really considerate and encouraging. Mike Carozza is definitely, 100%, the best trainer I have ever met ( by a country mile ) , the atmosphere in his gym is one of common goals, hard work and mutual support .... The rest of the family are also frequenting the gym, and all look and feel better for it ! I have a long way to go , but I look forward to being at the gym now , even if there are times I'm so tired when I leave that I'm not sure I can open my car door ! Thank you Mike.


I started at Carozza Fitness over the summer with Groupon. I had been going about 3 times a week. When the Groupon ended we went on a family vacation for two weeks. Thinking about joining was on my mind the whole time (I even did a few Travel WOD's from their website!) and this OMT thing they offered sounded like a great place to start and a greater challenge. (I feel everyone has a competitive side!). I knew I could do it on my own but I wanted my husband to join too especially since it required altering my diet but I also knew he'd be interested in a CrossFit gym… and we can compete with each other! When we returned from vacation my husband tried out a class and he could see what I liked about it: CrossFit was different, Carozza Fitness had knowledgeable trainers and no attitude and every class is a mini competition… with yourself! 

Now, I've been 5'10" since I was 14 years old and I've always been thin, fairly athletic (volleyball and soccer in high school & college) but never toned. Also being tall you realize your weight can fluctuate 10 lbs either way and you learn how to hide extra weight when you get dressed. But underneath you know you're just "skinny-fat". Skinny Fat: /ski-ne/fat/ (adjective): Being on the thin side but lacking muscle & muscle tone. Yup, that was me: Skinny Fat. I didn't feel great and I was tired most of the time. I didn't want to be Skinny Fat anymore, I wanted to be Skinny FIT! /ski-ne/fit/ (adjective): Having a strong, lean, healthy bod! I knew I needed to make some changes. The sooner, the better. 

After my husband and I joined and signed up for OMT I found I was in the gym 5-7 days a week and within two weeks I could feel I was getting stronger. I noticed increased energy just within the first few days! Changing the way we ate was an adjustment but not at all difficult. Eating the Paleo lifestyle (I hate the word diet so I call it program or lifestyle) was where my husband and I noticed the biggest difference. Over the weeks we could begin to see body fat decrease and muscle tone increase. Breaking my bad snacking habits was easier than I thought especially after Nutritionist Teresa Fellows broke down how our body reacts to processed foods, dairy & wheat. She is so knowledgeable and helpful with tips and recipes and is accessible to answer questions via phone, email or through the private OMT group on Facebook. Mind over matter. 

Taking group classes, yoga (so important), training with both Danielle & Phil (both awesome) I am so happy with the results I have achieved so far! I am a Planking Princess, Rope Climbing Renegade and Tire Flipping Tour de Force! I'm looking forward to how I progress over the next year as I mentally & physically prepare for a Bucket List goal of mine…. participate in a Tough Mudder… Wow! 

By the way, during week two, Danielle said something (so obvious) but for some reason on that day it really resonated with me. She simply said: "Every rep counts". Right then I stopped trying to "get through" the exercise quickly (because I was trying to keep up with the others) and consciously did the exercise correctly even if it meant doing it a bit slower. Another lesson learned: Quality vs. Quantity. Now in week 9 I can look back and know that during every WOD I did my best and I still compete with myself... and the WOD clock! 

Lessons were learned, bad habits were broken, bruises developed, goals achieved and friends made! Once you commit to working out, OMT & eating right you're already an OMT winner… like me! 

You start out sore, but go back for more! Carozza Fitness is a haven for everyone… come join the fun! 


A good friend of mine had heard about OMT,and she persuaded me that we should go into this together. The plan was to do the OMT last winter. But with a ski accident and a torn shoulder ligament, and surgery I felt was in no shape to start it earlier in the year. But I was determined to do the OMT in the fall after seeing my friend who did complete the OMT in late spring, looking completely amazing and transformed with the Paleo diet and cross fit Training. I have tried numerous diets and exercise classes and personal training over the years, but with no real results like this. 

 I was nervous about the diet, and more scared about the exercise. I had heard from my friend how grueling it was. But after a week or two, it become easier to plan meals and I also I felt more comfortable with the training. Firstly the Paleo diet has really opened up my eyes to eating well. I really enjoy all my vegetables and I love eating fish, eggs and chicken, being Indian I really try and liven up my dishes with fresh green chillies, herbs and aromatic spices. I am not missing the pasta and the bread at all but I do have a sweet tooth so deserts have been tough and I really miss that. Also drinking lots of water has really helped me with the workouts and also generally feel better hydrated. 

The Nutrition classes with Theresa where great in the first few weeks of OMT, as you got a real understanding of why you should not eat certain food groups, and also with ideas of what is really good for you with all the science behind it. I love that sort of stuff. Also the great green smoothie recipes have been the best way to drink Kale and spinach. This has become a morning or afternoon ritual for me, as well as spinach and kale with almost all my meals. I have converted to eating green!

I have been exercising at least 6 days a week with at least 3 to 4 personal training sessions combined with Yoga which has been amazing. Thank you Mike for adding that on the class schedule. The yoga has helped with stretching out the muscles, and loosening the joints.

The personal training sessions have been a great help, Mike as been fantastic in really thinking through my workouts, and has identified quickly where my weaknesses are and the moments when I am on the verge of giving up. He really does lots of patience, and words of encouragement. I really have enjoyed the training session as each one has been different and we have worked on different muscles groups, My legs feel stronger even after endless lunges, compared to week one, when I could barely walk for a few days. 

I am really proud that I have been able to loose close to 15 pounds and hopefully a few more by the end of OMT.

My goal is to really work hard at getting physically stronger, increase my endurance and really work on toning my body as well as to carry on eating well to maintain my weight. Like my good friend, I am not going back after all this hard work.  I would like to thank everyone at Carozza fitness, all the trainers have been amazing. 


When I first came to Carozza Fitness nearly eight months ago, I considered myself a fairly fit and a more than healthy eater. I had been a distance runner for several years competing annually in a marathon, several half marathons and many local races. I thought I had endurance down. I trained regularly 5- 6 days a week and once a week with a trainer for many years. 

I've always been a cautious competitor and overtrained for any new event with fear of injury or soreness if I did not spend hours at it. With my first Tough Mudder only 4 months away and another a few months beyond that, I started Just Results classes intent on building some upper body strength before the event. Imagine my surprise when I struggled at first with the basic repetitive moves of CF and found myself breathless after a 15-20 minute WOD! Where was my fitness? Where was my stamina?

I was immediately immersed in the community at Carozza Fitness. Caring, sincere folks who weren't there to compete against each other but against themselves to be the best that they could be. They encouraged and cheered you on each time you reached a new personal goal or PR! The trainers pushed, cajoled, coaxed you to reach new heights where you always thought you had limits. The words "I can't" quickly turned into "I am challenged at, can you help?" Form was always paramount - hips back, knees wide! Don't round your back! You need to get your ass below your knees to call it a squat! You can do it. Most importantly, there were no excuses, only results.

I became friends with wonderful women and men with beautiful sculpted bodies in all shapes and sizes. I wanted those arms! I wanted that strength. But weights and exercise were only part of the puzzle. Clean eating was a piece I thought I had down but apparently was missing in reaching my goals. Okay, I was more than skeptical that eating Paleo - for me dropping just gluten and dairy - was going to make any big difference. How could it when I was already eating so close to that? Nearly 9 weeks later and more than 9% of my body weight gone, I have no excuses and LOVE the results! I can even do my own strict pull-up!

Each of the 5-6 days a week that I go to CF, I feel like an elementary school kid looking forward to gym class! Every day is different. Every day is fun! rope climbing, tire flipping, head stands and pull-ups! All without the mental fatigue of hours and hours of singular training. I am stronger, fitter, and healthier due to this place and all the people in it. Thank you for welcoming me to your family! and thank you for making me a better me!


Having just completed the ten weeks of OMT at Carozza Fitness I wanted to say thank you for a great experience. I was surprised to find that the Paleo diet was edible and I did not miss dairy and grains (chocolate and wine was tough). I got used to working out five or six times a week and have enjoyed the challenges of learning to use different equipment and weights, overcome fears and to push my self. I was not sure what to expect when I started training last November but the gym has excellent trainers and a friendly and supportive atmosphere. I am now fitter, stronger with increased energy levels. I have lost 14 pounds and my waist has shrunk by three inches. OMT is a great program and it works.


As you probably know by now OMT was hard for me and broke down towards the end. I'm not proud of myself but not beating myself either. I have learned a lot about myself in OMT - I am stronger than I think, I am weak when it comes to food choices, I need to work on my will power and I need to believe in myself more!  I need am happy that I signed up to do this program because I made great connections and I know that it took me almost 40 years to build some of these bad habits and I need to slowly start to break them. I need to work hard everyday. Your team has been great- Doug never let me give up during workouts- he pushed me because he believed in me and knew I could do it!  

I am looking forward to continuing to grow and trying new things at CF!  On to bigger and better!!!!!


I came to Carozza at the gentle urging of a good friend who noticed what you might call a "widening of my perspective."  It was January. I had gained a few pounds over the holidays. On top of a few pounds I picked up on a trip abroad. On top of a few pounds I had gained before that. It was a slippery slope but I had grown comfortable with the excuses that I was not 25 anymore, I had endured two pregnancies, my metabolism was slowing down and I couldn't fight it any more. I was wrong. And the trainers at Carozza Fitness made sure I knew it immediately. They pushed me. They cajoled me. They challenged me. They motivated me. The first few classes at Carozza had me exasperated. "You cannot be serious!" I'd exclaim as the trainers explained the workout. "There is no way I can do that, finish that, survive that!" But as time went by, my response changed. "Well, ok, I'll try that." Even better, my body changed.
And with that, slowly emerged a new attitude. "Let's do it!" I'm 15 pounds down after 10 weeks on OMT. Every pound to a lot of effort. A lot of discipline. And a lot of encouragement. Before Carozza, I was completely daunted by the idea of a double-digit weight loss. I had worked out regularly at another local gym. i did the aerobics classes, the machines, the elliptical, and I had no real results to speak of.  Carozza changed everything about how I approach working out, and more importantly, how I think about working out. "No excuses, just results" once seemed like a threat to me. But it turns out it's a promise. 
And I am the promise fulfilled.


Hola Mike!

Just wanted to check in and tell you how I'm doing with OMT during vacation. I've been wanting to write but internet service here is pretty bad. Been trying to stay connect via our fb private page.

So far...I've managed to work out every day and I can't believe this but I have not given into anything! Desserts, fruity sweet cocktails, carbs, fried foods...nothing! WOW! My son gave me 3 days until I'd completely cave. He was wrong.

The part I am most amazed about and I know this has everything to do with the habits OMT has taught me, is that I don't feel like I'm missing out or depriving myself of anything! Every day, I am tantalized by all the options and temptations of the resort but my body and mind doesn't even want it! Crazy! You trained me well Mike!! So happy about this. I think i finally get it!

What I am MOST happiest with is, exactly a year ago on vacation, I did my workouts and runs on my own and would wish in my heart that Steve could join me on my passion to stay fit and healthy and well...this year, he is!!! In fact, he is the one that is pushing me! Love! Love! Love! Thanks to you and the CF team!!!

Yesterday, we ran-drop and did burpees until we reached the health club and then lifted weights and then ran-burpeed back to our room, total of 2 miles.The other day we did Thick Socks with a run and the first day we did rafa with runs. It was great! And even better because I wasn't alone...we were a team! 

I've been careful with running and working out making sure I don't aggravate my back or hamstring. All good. Also, they have a crossfit gym here and I was  so excited about this but thought...I;m not doing anything unless I try it with Mike first...not even going to attempt. I'm sticking with the travel wods and some running and lots and lots of walking.

It hasn't been all that easy...I know for a fact I've been eating more than normal...my biggest struggle during this vacation. Haven't weighed myself and I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't lose anything and maybe gain...not gonna beat myself up though...I still have the duration of OMT to finish strong. Most important is I stay on track and not fall back.

Well...that's it for now. Just wanted to give you an update. Feeling good Mike and can't thank you enough!! My family and I are really enjoying our vacation and spending time together. Can't wait to hit the gym next week!


Having tried OMT once or twice before with mixed results I trepidantly signed up for Spring OMT and decided this was it.  While my travel schedule didn’t see me at Carozza as much as I would have liked to have been, for the first time in years I packed for each business trip leaving room in my carryon for my workout clothes, AND, they were worn – at the hotel gym that is.  Started working out with Danielle and Phil and for the first time in YEARS Phil had me running – to the point where I have ran/half walked my first 5K (big achievement from me as a former runner who represented my country in Brussels as a kid).   While I still have a long way to go I managed to lose 19lbs this OMT and am committed to continuing on the OMT path at least 80/20 if not more until next OMT rolls around.  I find my 2 mile walk to and from work a breeze and instead of looking for excuses NOT to walk am finding myself looking forward to it every day.  According to my LoseIt app if I keep going the way I am going I will have reached my weight goals by November 9th…I'm aiming for earlier :-)


After a few months of nursing tennis-elbow, and feeling very ‘middle aged’ and thinking that the slide in to getting older had really started, a friend caught me at just the right moment, and told me to get in touch with ‘the best trainer in the world’. Yes, that would be Michael Carozza.  I looked at the website with much trepidation – I couldn’t even navigate my way round the jargon, let alone work out what to do with any of the equipment in the photographs, and the white board…. Don’t even ask. Never one to shy from a challenge I took the first appointment Mike offered me – less than 24 hours after the first email exchange! No time to stop and think, probably best that way I figured! And I’ve never looked back. 3 months after conquering a few things during my one to one trainings, Mike introduced me to the Paleo diet. Just like almost everyone else I was full of ‘yes yes I know I know’ and patient saint-like Mike just remained calm, encouraging, full of suggestions and options. So  from January I eased in to the 80/20 Paleo way of eating, combined with a minimum 4 Carozza sessions each week, and started to feel a little better about myself. Signing up for OMT couldn’t come fast enough. With a big birthday looming, Mike’s challenge was to get me feeling great about myself by early May!  OMT came at just the right moment for me. I absolutely loved the support form the other OMT-ers, the Facebook private chat room that we could share our fears, challenges, frustrations, experience and learnings. Over the months Mike had come to know me VERY well, He always manages to say a few words to me that really get me motivated. Failure is not an option. Failing for myself, cheating myself was never something that I considered.  I followed the ‘rules’ of OMT to the letter. I found filling in the daily food logs absolutely key; if I ate a couple of almonds, down they went on the food log, if I had 5 grapes whilst I cooked the kids dinner, they were logged too. I loved the ‘eating clean’. My fridge was stocked with fresh meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables, fruit. I bought lots of tasty herbs like mint, basil, dill, and was generous with the chili flakes for added seasoning. I worked out a rigorous 6 times a week, entered a couple of 5k and 5 mile road races, really listened to Mike, Phil, Doug and Justin during training sessions. I really loved the Carozza-family feeling. Each trainer really cares. They know their stuff – both exercise-wise and body-wise. They all have their different strengths, but they are all full of strengths. Every piece of advice I soaked up, and strived to be better. Drinking 100oz of water a day became necessary – add a piece of lemon, or orange, or some mint – and boring water becomes a tasty enjoyable drink. The weight just started to steadily fall away. 4 inches from my waist, woohoo. From a size 8 dress size (sometimes even a 10) to a comfortable size 4. I feel energized, fit, strong, healthy. I feel so much happier. I feel like the old-me. The ‘me’ that was still in my head, but had disappeared inside a strangers’ body. Capping one of my last OMT work outs with a 1 mile run, and getting whistled at by a couple of men, was really the icing on the cake!  It’s been many many years since that’s happened to me!  Mike Carozza IS the best trainer in the world; what he has created at Carozza Fitness is unlike anything I’ve ever come across anywhere else. It has worked for me and I am shouting it from the rooftop. I would recommend OMT to everyone who wants to get on track, feel healthier, lose some weight and get so much fitter. I shed 17lbs in 10 weeks on OMT (and a total of 23 lbs. since joining Carozza), and I am NOT GOING BACK.  I’m drinking the kool aid, and proud of it. 


OMT - I want to thank Justin and Danielle for their strong support system. Many times I wanted to give up ( almost daily) and they both said that was not an option! With a few setbacks, I managed to lose 12 pounds but most importantly this will be the 6th week I haven't given into my 5 year eating disorder battle.  That's what I'm most proud of. I'm so grateful and thankful for the support of these two wonderful people. The support of the group as a whole was awesome and I'm happy that I can call a few girls anytime for help.  Thanks!

Crae A

"I herniated two disks in 2001 when I had first moved to Stamford. I was in bed for three months. After three months I went back to work part time but I was told that I would never run, play tennis or play tennis again. I was depressed and gained over 75 pounds in the next six months. I was unable to do any of the activities that I enjoyed. I met Mike Corozza and in 2008 I started working out with him. In 2008 I was diagnosed with CAD. My carotid arteries were blocked 60 – 70% on both sides. My doctor told me that it would never get better but I could keep it from getting worse. My cholesterol was really high and so was my blood pressure. Mike had told me that I could do everything that the doctors said that I couldn’t. I decided to participate in the second Operation Muffin Top. I have continued to participate in all of the OMTs. I have lost 10 – 15 pounds in every contest. This OMT I have lost 12 pounds and I am 15 pounds away from my goal weight. At this point in my life my blood pressure is normal and so is my cholesterol. The greatest achievement was that my blockage in my carotid arteries is completely gone. I am healthy and I have work out six days a week. I can run, play tennis and do all of the things that the doctors said that I would never do. I turn 60 in 3 months and I am healthier that I was 20 years ago. Thank you Mike, Crae"


Rose B

"I apologize for getting this to you late but I really wanted to end my OMT experience with a note of gratitude to you! Who would of thought...that's all that keeps running through my head when I look back at 10 weeks! Who would have thought that Steve would be where he is today!! What a complete transformation! I am blown away! I remember the day I told you Steve decided to join OMT and how concerned I was that he would quit a few weeks into the program. Instead, half way through OMT he took off and left me in the dust! I want to thank you because in some crazy way, OMT has brought Steve and I closer then ever! Yup, can you believe it?! HA! And I jokingly said in the beginning that we would either kill each other or eat each other through the process. It did the complete opposite. Steve has always been supportive in all my adventures with exercise but never really took part in it. We had never done anything like this as a couple and because we were working together on something, we had a chance to spend more time together and through the classes and sweating it out, it somehow brought us closer! Steve going through this experience has understood why exercise is so important to me and how passionate I am about it and he's learned to embrace it. I on the other hand, was so impressed by Steve's will and determination to stick with it and finish to the end! We both were able to embrace some amazing qualities in each other that we often overlooked and not acknowledge. And for our three kids to see and experience this journey with Steve and myself, speaks volumes not just now but later in the future. I went into OMT not so much for the weight loss but to experience and learn how to incorporate a way of eating clean and feeding my body the right food it needs. As you know I put in my workout and give it my all at the gym as often as I can. However, prior to OMT my eating and exercise weren't balance and I often found myself frustrated and disappointed that I would work so hard and not get anywhere. As you so perfectly phrased it, there was a missing link...and that link for me was my nutrition. OMT gave me the opportunity to learn how to give my body nutritious food that it needs for energy and to make a conscious effort to feed it correctly. It gave me a great foundation and helped me form healthy habits. Not only do I feel fantastic but I notice a huge difference in my workout as well. I feel stronger and my performance at the gym has never been better. In the end, OMT has taught me that staying or feeling healthy is not about being on diet but changing. A change in my habits, my mentality and my lifestyle. And honestly, I would not have learned that had I not gone through the OMT program. I SO highly recommend this program and I am grateful that you decided not to dissolve it. So Mike, I know you hear it all the time but...THANK YOU! Thank you for the program, the amazing group of dedicated trainers, the support, the guidance, the motivation and the daily grind! All of your hard work and your trainers hard work has made a positive and meaningful impact on so many lives. I finally get why you say...Just Results!" Signing off with a smile, Rose B


Emily B

"OMT has absolutely changed my life in terms of my fitness and eating habits. I came to OMT after gaining an extra 10 lbs post foot surgery, on top of the 10 that I was carrying around from having kids. I was feeling sluggish and unable to kickstart a diet. I remember coming to the first info session and hearing what we had to do and asking Mike about putting milk in my coffee and envisioning that it would be hard to do while cooking for my kids. Mike said, "You have to commit to looking after yourself for 10 weeks -- you should be able to give this to yourself." Well, I did and I am so glad and his words kept going through my mind during these ten weeks. I cannot get over how strong I feel, how much energy I have and how much weight I have lost. I went into this thinking that I would lose about 10 lbs, but I have lost almost 17 lbs. I am back to the weight I was right before I had my first child, 8 years ago and I am only 6 lbs away from my wedding weight -- which I now believe is a totally achievable goal! The trainers are fantastic -- Phil is a terrific motivator and I love the workouts in all the Just Results classes. It is really a great and supportive place to go and I love that Mike and his team are always getting involved in good causes, etc. The greatest thing is that I don't feel really like this is a diet -- it is a whole lifestyle change. Besides having a glass of wine, I don't really feel much like changing the way I am eating because I have so much energy. I also can't believe how strong I have become (I was even able to push myself up onto the top of our chicken coop to rescue one of our chickens -- something I would NEVER have been able to do 10 weeks ago!). I am recommending OMT to everyone I know! THANK YOU, MIKE and everyone at Carozza Fitness"



"So who takes the summer off and parties like a Rock star for her 40th!! Ya me!! Well OMT rolled around and I knew I needed to get my butt back in shape so I RSVP’d to Fall OMT. I didn’t let myself get intimated of going back to a place where there are motivational trainers who were there to help coach me on correct form and their warm welcome was always there waiting for me! Mike’s words were, “you are not the only one”! I took his words, and basically ran with it! I had done OMT before and I was 80/20 with the diet it, but this time round I decided to give it 100% just to see how my body felt while eating clean and in 10 weeks I have embraced it and I have lost my 40th spare tire! Now that OMT is over, I am not going to reach for the pumpkin choc chip muffin that has landed in my office today, home-made too I might add, I reached for a cup of grapes not thinking twice, and you know the memory that is sticking in my head every time is how I felt after my summer of cheating and my first workout back on OMT when I couldn’t even do a burpee! I never want to have that feeling again! This Saturday my burpees in Woddle Gobble really proved that being dedicated and sticking to an exercise and clean eating regimen proved that yes it can be accomplished – 100 burpees never tasted so good. I have so much energy, am more productive and feel great. I am not ready to quit on myself this time around! I like the results and yes they are rewarding – it’s the simple clap on the back from your son after him watching me compete saying good job Mom, as he wipes the leaves off my back from the new blacktop in the parking lot or my daughter smile at me from inside the gym as I do the trainers WOD. I think I have given my kids an explanation of why Mom goes to the gym now! They are not scared of a healthy fit lifestyle anymore in fact they are embracing it as they both said to me last night Mom can Mike hold a Kids Wobble Gobble? So to someone who is new or thinking about OMT – I say don’t think just do it, because the longer you put it off the harder it is to get started! But l will tell you there are some days you may feel As if things just aren't going right On these days to give up would be easy and you’d like to just walk away and sometimes taking a step back May be exactly the right way But at a point you'll have to decide If you're going to let them win. This is the time that you'll look deep inside And see if you have it within. YOU KNOW YOU DO!! Never let fear of failure or fear of difficult prevent you from starting something Because even one tiny step forward, no matter how small, is still a GIANT LEAP compared to doing nothing at all. YOU are worth it. And to the great staff at CF = Thank you for your laughter, good times, and for just being you!! You keep pushing me to be stronger every day! And to Phil who decides to sprint a 400M run, next time you are carrying me to slow you down!!"



"I am so grateful for OMT and everything you and your team of talented trainers have done to help motivate all of us. It is not about the money, but instead I want to help motivate everyone even more to show that hard work and dedication can make anything possible, and it starts and ends with a personal commitment to improve your life. My eating and exercise lifestyle has changed forever, for the best. There is no turning back for me. Thank you!"


Kate Mulvany

Life Changing! Where to begin?! 2012 began as another year I promised to get my act together. I quit smoking (FINALLY) in January and joined Weight Watchers at the same time. I slowly lost 15 lbs while having stopped smoking. Pretty big achievement, so my next goal was to add in was exercise, something I tried 40 years to do very little of. I had inquired about Carozza Fitness/Operation Muffin Top 6 months earlier, read the materials and hit delete. BUT Michael kept me on the mailing list and one day I got an email about a Beginners “Just Results’ class and I rsvp’d. Well, no one else in the class looked ANYTHING like a “beginner” so I summoned all my courage to stay and do it and some how (through modifications by the trainer and some encouragement) I made it through. After the class I got in my car and pretty much wept – I think it was a combination of exhaustion and shock that I actually made it through and even kept up. Phil Bash was so encouraging – not in a condescending way and encouraged me to do Operation Muffin Top. So I thought why not... That was almost 5 weeks ago, I have lost another 6 lbs. Not a huge deal given how much I still have to lose BUT I will take it and what’s more I truly have never felt this good. I cannot put into words how amazing I feel! Energetic, fit and HAPPY! I have a new outlook and attitude! I am amazed at the difference in 5 weeks. There is no where I go (work, train commute, neighborhood, local store) where someone doesn’t tell me how different (and good) I look. I love weight watchers and continue to count my points but very few people noticed those 15 lbs. They (and I) HAVE noticed these last 5 weeks of change! The entire staff (but especially Phil, Michael and Marysa) are wonderful and so supportive in and out of class with responses to emails on exercise questions and diet/nutrition. They have an incredible ability to encourage and inspire. As great as I feel and as far as I come, I am still not even close to top finisher at the classes and honestly I don’t even notice that. Everyone, trainers and fellow classmates of every ability, is supportive and collective in their respect for one another; it’s a positive and motivating environment!



Operation Muffin Top Got Me Going.

Operation Muffin Top was just what I needed to get on the path to fitness. Now I'm 20 pounds lighter thanks to the Paleo diet guidance and have a new appreciation for the place of weight and strength training in my exercise routine - especially as I age. As a fairly conventional 50-something year old, I came to Carozza Fitness post New Year with a resolution to lose weight. While overweight, I considered myself reasonably fit as someone who is active, running and playing tennis, etc. The Carozza staff was truly welcoming, and entirely non-judgemental when I admited time and again, "no, I've never used a kettleball." "no, I don't know what those straps are for" and "you want me to lift what?!" But they taught me to do various exercises safely and at a level that was challenging but not impossibly disheartening. I discovered how much my upper body strength had declined over the years while I sat at a desk and how much cardio one can get from strenght training. I did both classes and personal training and found benefits from both. I'm proud to say I've lost my "muffin top" and I gained a new approach to my overall fitness.



My husband Richard and I enrolled in your last Muffin Top program and found that it worked great for us! Richard lost 27 pounds and over 4" on his waist. I similarly had great results having lost 10 pounds and a dress size, maybe 2. This was all achieved in 6 weeks. It is not easy but requires discipline, focus and hard work and the results are validation of the program. In addition to the weight loss we both have toned up and are feeling much better for it. We think the combination of nutritional advise practical/customized training really have transformed us. Our trainer Pam worked with us and made a great difference. The advice as to food choices was a real plus and inspired me in the kitchen. Thanks Again



OMT is one of the best things that I've ever done for myself. I lost 10 lbs and I now feel and look better than I did in my 20's! With all of the diet and workout tips, Mike made it really easy to want to work hard and be successful. Plus, the ½ price training sessions that he offered were very motivating and challenging. I can't wait for Round 3 to start so I can lose another 10lbs and fit into my "skinny jeans"! I encourage anyone who might be hesitant to do it, you won't regret it. Thanks Mike for all of your support. I look forward to being part of such a fun and rewarding experience again!



OMT has really changed the both the way I look and feel. It has taught me how to balance a healthy diet and exercise. At first I was motivated to get involved in OMT because I wanted to lose some extra weight, but now it's the way that I feel that is motivating me to continue this healthy lifestyle. I would suggest OMT to anyone that is looking for a healthier way of living.



OMT and Michael have changed my life!  I have lost 13.5 lbs in 45 days! OMT has encouraged me to focus on my diet and to be better disciplined with my workouts.  I joined OMT because I didn't like what I was seeing in the mirror, after several injuries this past year,  I was ready for a challenge and healthy enough to compete.  As early as my first consultation with Michael nearly 10 years ago, I knew I had found the right person to help me reach my goals. Through a personalized routine, Michael has managed to keep me motivated and excited about working out, and most of all he has pushed me further than I ever thought I could go. Michael has been an inspiration to me and his commitment to helping me reach my goals is amazing! Thank you Michael and thank you OMT, I couldn't have accomplished any of my fitness goals without you!



I cannot believe this is it! My family and I are going to keep going with it, just not as strict all the time.  I just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for doing this.  You've honestly changed our lives forever and that is an amazing feeling.  My mother reached her 100lb lost mark on Sunday and that was so very exciting! Between the 4 of us, we lost over 50lbs! We've tried every "diet" under the sun, but this actually worked.  And its changed our lives.  I feel so much better, every single day.  Its amazing how shitty those inside isles of the grocery store can make you feel.  So again, thank you for all you've done, your emails, your notes, comments, tips, facts, etc.  They made every bit of difference.  I will continue to update you on my long road ahead!



Hey mike. Congrats on the great turn out! I wanted to let u know that since completing OMT, I've lost another 7lbs bringing my total to 25lbs lost! I've never felt better. Got a long way to go, but I have no doubt that I will get there! I'm at my lowest weight in years! I cannot wait to hit the 30lbs lost mark! Thank you u again for all you do and all you've done. You've touched the lives of many people and you should be extremely proud of yourself. Keep up the fantastic work! O.M.T. helped me lose over 10% of my weight in 6 weeks! The help, support and encouragement provided by Mike, Suzanne and their team was invaluable. I look forward to the next round. Princess This program opened my eyes to a new world of both fitness and life.  I NEVER would be where I am today (down 76lbs, 15% body fat, and off 2 medications) if it wasn't for the strict guidance I was given by everyone at Carozza Fitness.  I went into this with a closed mind but the passion I saw in everyone who was in this journey has changed me forever!!  Thank You



My name is Virginia and until January 19th, I never went into a gym because I was very much intimated. I visited Carozza Fitness and found out about Operation Muffin Top and decided to try it. Over the course of eight weeks, I learned how to use mostly all of the machines in the gym, along with exercises and equipment that me, as an older woman, never used. I lost five pounds these eight weeks, but most importantly, my whole body composition changed. I learned a lot about nutrition and exercise. I decided to try Operation Muffin Top for the second eight-week session. Although I have not lost weight, due to my own dieting habits, I am getting more fit and more fit everyday and I’m losing inches. I’ve noticed that I’ve gone down a size in my clothes and I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t worn for a long time. I feel a lot better energetically and I feel better about myself. I have an autoimmune illness and I use to sleep very late on the weekends and always felt like I was dragging. To me, this is a great benefit that I now have much more energy from the minute I get up in the morning until nighttime and I now get up early on the weekends full of energy. My whole family has noticed all of these changes in me. They are shocked that I get up early and attend a class or personal training. Carozza Fitness has motivated me into making healthy lifestyle choices and opened up a whole new world of fitness that I had no idea about. All the trainers at Carozza Fitness are patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable. The classes are great as well. Between the classes and the personal training, I am being challenged on a regular basis. I even learned how to flip the tire and now my husband is afraid of me. Not that I want my husband to be afraid of me, but it doesn’t hurt.



It is easy for me to write that OMT was a positive and rewarding experience. The past eight weeks has taught me how to follow a healthier lifestyle balancing both diet and exercise. I’ve learned to focus on a long-term plan instead of a quick easy fix. I have lost 2” on my chest, 3 ½” on my waist, 3” on my hips and 10lbs on the scale! With Michael and Doug’s dedication I’ve learned that the further they pushed me the happier I became with my progress and the more I wanted to continue working hard. This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I’m looking forward to continuing the process of being in the best shape of my life! J.F


Susan Hanna

OMT, Spring 2012 I joined Carozza Fitness to get back in shape after a couple of months away from the gym. I thought I was in pretty good shape: at 62, I spent a month in Colorado this winter, skiing 25 days at high altitudes. So, I had no idea what I was in for, when I signed up for Operation Muffin Top! My major goals were to improve my endurance and lose some weight. I worked with Michael, Doug and Phil in tough training sessions, learning more each time. I cannot believe how far they were able to push me, to do more reps and keep going with sweat pouring off me. I also attended a couple of classes a week and met some great people who also pushed me to achieve more than I had expected. I went on the Paleo diet without any problems making the transition away from dairy and grains. My energy level has improved and I really don’t miss any of the foods I’ve given up (well maybe wine and cheese!). I have lost almost 10% of my original body weight in 8 weeks and back to an ideal weight that I should be able to maintain. I am in a smaller clothes size, have lost inches and firmed up my core, legs, arms, everywhere. I am sleeping better. Finally, I am seeing a major improvement in my tennis, biking and hiking. I highly recommend Carozza for anyone of any age and level of fitness! Thanks to everyone who helped me!



In April 2010 after 2 babies and a too-long hiatus from working out after those 2 babies, I went back to the gym.   Fast forward through 3 years of religiously training 5-6 days a week - split body parts 3x per week and elliptical/treadmill cardio (shudder the thought) 3 days per week – with a “trainer” (quotes intentional) – and eating what I thought was the right way based on how that “trainer” was guiding me.  I was nowhere, EXCEPT knowing that I am physically quite strong.  Strong is good, but where were my RESULTS?  Why wasn’t my body changing?  I felt defeated.

On May 22, 2013, after months of knowing I NEEDED a change from my then-gym environment and workout, I sent an email to Carozza Fitness.  No references, no recommendations…no knowledge of what CF really was.  I think I practically begged Mike for a first workout as soon as possible J.   2 days later – my first CF workout; I am a humble person to begin with, but my first work out was a greatly humbling experience. 

I started private training through the summer, then picked up some classes.  I learned a new language and met some new people.  By the end of the summer I was feeling better conditioned for the crossfit workouts.  But, still no change to the way I looked.   I committed to participate in OMT. 

I was flat-out nervous before OMT began;  I knew I could get the workout part of it done, but the paleo diet - could I / would I stick to it?   

+8 weeks later, and while the official program may be coming to an end, my own personal OMT will continue….I can’t stop now - I still have work to do: strength to gain, endurance to build, and yes, pounds to lose!     I feel so much better, so why would I even contemplate going back to my old ways of eating?

Here’s what I’ve learned:

-          The kind of food I put in my body is, by far, the MAIN driver of weight loss success for me

-          The right food in my body makes my workouts better

-          The right amount of water in my body makes my workouts better

-          Success = dedication and hard work;  there are no shortcuts

-          I am physically strong….and there’s more strength in there waiting to be tapped

-          I LOVE TO LIFT (HEAVY)

-          Eating the right food makes me mentally stronger and in control – this is very empowering

-          It’s fun to sit in a boring-ass meeting that is too long before it even begins, and look around the room and know that you are probably stronger than the guy sitting next to you (hee-hee!)

-          I need to stretch more / work on mobility to improve my workouts

-          I’m hooked; I love the challenge of the workouts – whether it’s the weight or the time constraint or likely, the combination of both; the endorphin rush produced by these workouts is AMAZING

-          ….that hard-ass mentality of no excuses J… well, it’s true; you’re either in it or you’re not.  I’m so glad I chose to be in it, and that I continue to choose to be in it every day

-          …that I still have a lot to learn

 And the biggie:

-          Mike, you and your team @CF know what you are doing, and genuinely want to see your clients succeed;  this makes you different from and better than anyone else out there.




I am very happy with the personal changes I made after joining OMT. I was previously eating about 85/15 percent paleo but noticed myself having more cheats than I should right around the time OMT started. The program gave me the kick I needed to get back on track. And while I did have some low points of over indulgence during the journey, I loved tracking my meals and holding myself accountable again for the food I was putting into my body. It forced me to start meal prepping again and I added a ridiculous amount of veggies to every meal. Although, I learned throughout the process that a strict paleo diet is not right for me, I am very happy I had the opportunity to learn more about what works for me and what dosent. Teresa and Mike were always there to offer feedback and advice and helped me learn about balancing my food properly and adding the right amount of fat, protein, and carbs into my diet. All that said, I also know I could have been more strict with my diet, when and if I am ready to be more strict (cut out alcohol and paleo friendly treats) I know I would see even more results than I did during this round of OMT.

The best part of the OMT group for me was the fitness component. I was previously attending the gym 3 days a week and after joining OMT made a commitment to attending a minimum of 5 days a week. I found myself waking up at 4:20am, 3x a week to make the five day schedule work. I met and worked out with an amazing group of woman who encouraged me and motivated me to do my best. Danielle was always there pushing me to work harder and complimenting me as she saw my strength improve. 

It was a great experience. I would encourage anyone who needs help eating a more balanced and healthy diet and who wants to improve their fitness to give OMT a try! 


This is not my first rodeo.. eh, OMT, but I feel like I really put my heart and soul into this one!  Once I got on the scale and saw how much weight I had gained over the winter, while still working out, I realized I really needed to focus on my diet.  It took only a few days to be happily back on Paleo and here’s what I noticed: I felt better, my stomach wasn’t upset, I slept better, all around feeling great!  The test will be maintaining a healthy life style after OMT is finished but I am determined to keep this weight off!  Thanks to Doug, Michael and everyone at Carozza/CFSB who encourages me every day!

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